Utility trucks which commonly carry tools, parts and equipment create rain runoff contaminants that leak into our waterways like oils, heavy metals and diesel fuel. Regular washing removes these harmful chemicals.

Our process

Truck washing should be part of regular maintenance.  Washing removes oxidization, salts and contaminants that corrode metal and paint, making your vehicles last longer. 

Dawna Donaldson, Owner/Accounts Manager

Dawna is the face of Fairview Mobile Truck Wash.  She wears a number of different hats.  We call her the Truck Jockey.  Her experience driving anything from forklifts to road tractors makes her a value to our company and our customers.  She provides our customers with the utmost care.  

The importance of truck washing 

our missioN

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All trucks are washed on a non-absorbent pad that contains all wash water.  This water is then processed through an oil/water separator.  The remaining water is then transported to a local POTW or discharged by municipal permit into an approved drain.  All water is checked for pH level before discharge.  A record of water used, water pH and location of discharge is kept and readily available to our customers.  

Trucks may also be washed on a gravel lot which naturally cleans the wash water as it is absorbed through the layers of gravel and earth.  

We do not use caustic chemical!  Our soap is biodegradable and natural based.  

Carl Donaldson, Owner/Operator

Carl has 40+ years of experience driving all types of vehicles.  Since 1988, his innovations have evolved Fairview into one of the most successful fleet washing business in NC & SC.

Carl's integrity and dedication to customer service are unsurpassed.

Let's face it, your trucks say a lot about you.  

They are seen by the public and your customers.  A clean truck says you care about your vehicles and your image.  A clean truck also generates pride in your employees-a dirty truck is embarrassing to drive. When surveyed, most employees have said that they feel good when they start the day in a clean truck.  They smile more and are more confident when meeting a customer.    

Let Fairview Mobile Truck Wash be your choice for the best in fleet services!

For over 30 years, we have strived to provide our clients the highest quality service, with the utmost integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction.  Our environmental focus and commitment to safety guarantee that we provide services that exceed expectation.


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